Episode 41-Turkish-American Youth : Here is your response to the alleged Armenian Genocide – Part 3

Armenians start the clock on April 24, 1915. They conveniently forget to tell you they had killed 120,000 Muslim, mostly Turks by the end of 1914 (The MacMillan Dictionary of the First World War, p34) and another 80,000 during the VAN rebellion (McCarthy, The Armenian Rebellion at Van.) These horrific casualty numbers total to 1.33 % of the total Ottoman population during the first few months of WWI. What would America do if Armenians (or any other insurgent group) killed 1.33% or 4.4 million Americans today? Would America stop at TERESET (Temporary Resettlement) like the Ottoman Empire did in 1915? Or would another Nagasaki or Waco/Texas be on the table? Armenians today are pounding your kitchen table with their shoes every day, playing the sole victim and angel. But the facts tell us a completely different story. A story of propaganda, agitation, terror, revolts, treason, territorial demands, raids, assassinations, bombings, murders, massive Turkish casualties and more. Armenians took up arms against their own government and killed their Muslim and Jewish neighbors and fellow Ottoman citizens. What’s worse, they handed the city of Van that they had cleansed of its Muslims over to the invading enemy Russian armies and then joined them in search of more Turks to kill. Turks only defended their home. The wartime homeland security measure the Turks took to mitigate this serious military threat was temporary resettlement (TERESET) of the Armenian insurgents and their supporters. Since 1923, Turks chose to forgive and forget while forging ahead with hope. Turks built a nation out of the remnants of a collapsed empire and turned it into the 16th largest economy in the world. What did Armenians choose to do at the same time? They cultivated hatred and promoted a bogus genocide. The Armenians should blame the Armenian leaders for causing Armenians to blow a millennium of peaceful cohabitation with Turks in Anatolia. The Armenians should hold accountable the Dasnaks, Huncaks, Armenakans, Ramgavars, Nemesis, (and more recently ASALA, JCAG, ARA) and other Armenian terror groups, for sawing discord in the Ottoman communities which morphed into bloody revolts and shameless treason. Armenians find it easier to blame others for all of their ills while embellishing personal suffering to build a case for a genocide, totally disregarding the Armenian complicity in the hate crimes and war crimes causing immense Turkish suffering. Maybe 2015 will provide a forum for civilized debate and fair-minded people will finally realize that there, indeed, is another side to this story. Here are some propaganda sentences Armenians utter and their responses. Armenians claim that the Turkish-Armenian conflict started in 1915. That fact is, it did not; Armenian insurgency and troubles go back to 1862. Armenians say Turks “deported” Armenians, whereas Turks temporarily resettled them. “Tehcir” is the original term used in Turkish, TERESET its counterpart in English. Armenians assert Turks killed “… hundreds of thousands of Armenians…” The Turkish Historical meticulously documented 54,000 fatalities based on gendarmerie reports of which 8,400 are due to bullets and battles, the rest, famin, epidemics, and other elements. Armenian propaganda machine inflated this number in increments over the years to 1.5 million today. Armenians proclaim that “Armenian genocide is the first genocide of the 20th Century”. This is fallacious, as there is no court verdict saying 1915 events constitute a genocide. Besides, the concept of genocide came into existence at the U.N. in 1951 and it is not retroactive to 1915. What the Armenian rebellion does qualify for, though, is that it is the first “attempted apartheid” of the 20th Century. If Armenians succeeded in their heinous designs, a tiny minority of Christian Armenians (less than about15%) would rule over a sea of Muslims (Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Circassians, and others.) This is the major weakness of the 14 Wilson principles, as self-determination is denied to Turks out of ethnoreligious bias. Armenians misrepresent history by stating that by the end of WWI, “…(T)he number of Armenians in what would become Turkey had been reduced by 90%—more than a million people,” adding that Turks systematically killed them. This is a vicious lie, and they know it. Most of those Anatolian Armenians reached Syria and Northern Iraq (500,000) while others migrated to various countries (Armenia, 400,000; Europe, North America and other places,100,000.) Since it was a TERESET, many Armenians did return to Turkey after 1919 but had to leave again by 1921, fearing a Turkish backlash avenging the torture, death, and destruction perpetrated by Armenians on the Muslims after Russian withdrawal from Eastern Anatolia (1917-1918) and during French occupation of Cilicia (1919 -1921.)

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