Episode 42 – The 15 T’s of the Turkish Armenian conflict: All Ignored By Genocide Claims

In Episode 41, we have seen how the Armenians love to start the clock on April 24, 1915. They conveniently forget to tell you they had killed 120,000 Muslims, mostly Turks by the end of 1914 alone and another 80,000 during the VAN rebellion. The extermination of Muslims of Van by Armenian insurgents was so devastating and thorough that the entire Muslim section of the City of Van was levelled. These horrific numbers come to about 1.33 % of the Ottoman population. Imagine 1.33% of America’s population, that is about 4.4 million Americans, being murdered by a traitorous, insurgent group residing in the US. What would America do? Would America stop at TERESET (Temporary Resettlement) like the Ottoman Empire did in 1915? Or would another Nagasaki like in 1945 be on the table? Armenians today are playing the sole victim, and poor, innocent angels. But the facts tell us a different story, a story of propaganda, agitation, terror, revolts, treason, territorial demands, raids, assassinations, bombings, murders, and mayhem. Most of the Ottoman-Armenians took up arms against their own government and killed their Muslim neighbors and fellow Ottoman citizens. What’s even worse, they handed over the Ottoman city of Van that they had cleansed of its Ottoman-Muslims over to the invading Russian armies and then joined them in search of more Turks to kill. Turks only defended their home. Genocide allegations ignore “the 15 t’s of the Turkish-Armenian conflict. The endless “War years” of 1911-1922, brought wide-spread death and destruction on all Ottoman families. No Turkish family was left untouched, mine included. Those nameless, faceless Turkish victims are killed for a second time today with politically motivated, unsubstantiated, and slanderous charges of Armenian genocide. Allegations of Armenian genocide are racist and dishonest history. They are racist because they imply only Armenian (or Christian) dead count, the Turkish (or Muslim) dead do not. And they are dishonest because they deliberately ignore the 15 Ts of the Turkish-Armenian conflict. T for Turk. That almighty letter T will now refute the racist and dishonest official Armenian narrative. I created this approach to help the Turkish-American youth fight racial and ethnic discrimination, gaslighting, demonization, harassment, and intimidation effectively and effortlessly. Next time an Armenian extremist screams in your face and pounds his shoe on you kitchen table, asking you why you deny genocide, answer with this simple line and walk away: “Because Armenian genocide claim ignores the 15 T’s of the Turkish-Armenian conflict.” You do not even have to remember what those 15 Ts are as they are all on the internet. If the screaming Armenian demands to know what those 15 T’s are, then start listing: 1) TUMULT (Revolts) 2) TERRORISM 3) TREASON 4) TERRITORIAL DEMANDS (for an apartheid) 5) TURKISH SUFFERING THEY CAUSED 6) TERESET 7) TURCOPHOBIA & ISLAMOPHOBIA (Henry Morgenthau, Bryce, Toynbee, Lepsius, Wegner…) 8- TELL – ALL (confessions by Noubar, Katchaznouni, Papazian book, Houshamatyan…) 9- TRANSGRESSIONS (Armenia’s 30 dirty wars in 30 months) 10- TRIBUNALS (Ottoman Courts Martials of 1916, Istanbul Kangaroo courts of 1920, Malta Tribunal of 1921) 11- TERMINOLOGY : The loaded and misleading terms used by the AFATH community (Armenian falsifiers and Turks-haters) 12- TRUST (LOST) (From “millet-I sadika” the loyal nation, to the “hain millet” the traitorous nation in 60 short years from 1862 to 1922) 13- TRAPS (gaslighting in the official Armenian narrative) 14- TRUTH BASHING (Manipulation of stories and numbers) 15- TROPES & TROLLS – The AFATH community uses the internet to defame and demonize all Turks and Azerbaijanis with cliches and disruptors. But they cannot change the historical evidence documenting Armenian treachery and violence which is why the Armenians keep their archives closed to this day, allowing limited access to genocide advocates only.

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