Episode 40 – Turkish-American Youth: Here is your response to the alleged Armenian Genocide- Part 2

We have seen in Episode 39 how weak the Armenian case is on both the legal the History fronts, the two fronts that really count. We can understand now why the Armenians never dared to sue Turkey in the International Court of Justice since 1951 when the UN Genocide Convention of 1948 was accepted by sufficient number of UN member to officially became effective. We also know now why the Armenian historian never dared to invite Turkish scholars to academic panels they organize so frequently. So, how do Armenian diaspora make up for these two weaknesses then, namely historical evidence and legal verdict? The answer is, they resort to public relations, perception cultivation, political resolutions, media frenzy, pseudo-scholarship, and more. And while they do all those things, they rely on the deep-seated Western prejudice against Turks and Muslim as well as Christian solidarity implementing those propaganda and hype projects. I now would like to share with you, as I promised last week, the questions of an 8th grader and my answers within the scope of a school project. Turkish-American youth can learn from this experience as the exchange is revealing, insightful, and educations. I partially quote that exchange: “Hi, my name is LB. I’m in 8th grade at a Junior High in Bakersfield, CA…This is my 4th year competing in the National History Day project. For more information on the project, you can check out www.nhd.org Every year a new theme is chosen. This year, the theme is ‘Exploration, Encounter and Exchange in History’. I’ve chosen to research the violent encounters of 1915… How are the events of 1915 significant?” The events 1915 in relation to the Turkish-Armenian conflict is significant because the Armenian side continues today to wage a global propaganda war against Turks, unfairly and unethically misrepresenting history, blaming Turks for all their ills, and deliberately defaming Turks in the process, even after 100 years. This Armenian policy of basing all Armenian aspirations for the future on persistently cultivating hate for all things Turkish manifests itself as deep Armenian hostility towards Turks and Turkey today…Armenians are using 1915 events to create tension between the countries of Armenia and Turkey, while unifying various fragments of their community and resisting assimilation into the American mainstream culture. Question: “I’ve been told using the term “genocide” inaccurately describes the events. Can you give me your perspective on that?” International law says it is no genocide: The United Nations 1948 Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Genocide provides the definition of genocide and stipulates that 1) genocide charges can only be litigated at a “competent tribunal” 2) which shall follow “due process” 3) to prove “intent to destroy.” None of these were done in the case of Turkish-Armenian conflict and no court verdict exists saying it is genocide. To call it one anyway would be defrauding the unsuspecting public… In a landmark decision, the highest court in Europe, The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), supported the above position in its Dec 17, 2013 verdict that, I quote: “[t]he existence of a ‘genocide’, which was a precisely defined legal concept, was not easy to prove… (Judges) doubted that there could be a general consensus (on the genocide claim)… given that historical research was, by definition, open to discussion and a matter of debate… ” Thus, the ECHR created in 2013 a legal precedent of inadmissibility of any comparison between the Holocaust and the Armenian claims. ECHR said Armenian claim lacks what the Holocaust clearly has: a) concrete historical facts, b) clear legal basis, and c) existence of the “acts had been found by an international court to be clearly established”. “How can you be so sure that 1915 is genocide?” This simple but poignant question, posed by the presiding judge at the European Court of Human Rights to the lawyers of the Armenian side, sums it all up, doesn’t it? After all, the Jewish Holocaust verdict is backed up by Nuremberg Tribunal. Where is the Armenian Nuremberg? Where is the court-verdict that says 1915 is genocide? Don’t waste your time looking for it, as it does NOT exist. All we have are discredited claims, biased articles and editorials, persistent intimidation even terrorism, and PR gimmicks like films, exhibits, memorials, and similar embellishments produced by the Armenians and their supporters. But no concrete facts. Nothing that can stand the scrutiny of a court room. ECHR re-affirmed on appeal the lower court verdict on October 15, 2015, saying that Armenian genocide is an opinion, NOT A FACT, like the Holocaust. Therefore, the ECHR ruled, rejecting Armenian claims of genocide is not a hate speech like Armenians want you to believe, but exercise of free speech.

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