Episode 7–Azerbaijan’s 44-Day Epic War:How Karabag Was Liberated From the Brutal Armenian Occupation

Several factors have played important roles in reigniting the passions leading to the 44-day war of liberation: 1- The perpetual ineptness and failure of the OSCE-Minsk group to come up with a solution to the conflict; 2- The belligerent rhetoric of the prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, claiming Karabakh is part of Armenia; 3- The July 2020 skirmishes that resulted in the killing of an Azerbaijani general, and several military officials; and 4- Pressure from the Azerbaijani public on their government to restore their territorial integrity. If the Armenians can abandon their anti-Turkish, anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Islam rhetoric and behavior now to give peace a chance, a lasting peace can be achieved, addressing the genuine concerns of all parties within the framework of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

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