About Us

Who we are?

We believe the Turkish culture and history are little known and mostly misunderstood, mainly due to the incessant misrepresentations by well financed anti-Turkish lobbies. These falsifications by some Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, and recently by some Kurds and FETO adherents, and their supporters in the U.S. Congress, unfortunately, find fertile grounds in the deep-rooted anti-Turkish and anti-Islam bias.  Even the wildest claims are readily believed uncritically and disseminated widely just because they defame Turks and vilify other Muslims. 

Generally speaking, Turkish-Americans and other Muslim-Americans do not react effectively or timely to news, articles, events or legislation that might impact their lives significantly.  Their voices are hardly heard, arguably, because of;

  • the typically small size of their communities;
  • the culture of shying away from being the ambassadors of their culture;
  • and expecting other “fools” to carry out the unpaid busywork and drudgery, as they are always “busy” for such work;
  • lack of effective grassroots networks for public relations and/or political action;
  • scarce resources (money, time, experts, volunteers) devoted to proper perception management;
  • less than minimum access to big media (print-audio-visual;)
  • fear of backlash, intimidation, harassment and terrorism by Armenian extremists;
  • general ignorance on matters related to their heritage and how defamation should be exposed and neutralized;
  • lack of interest, enthusiasm, concern, and/or self-confidence;
  • self-centeredness, indolence, and/or procrastination
  • and other reasons.

Be that as it may, we will do our level best to always research, fact-check and make available the very best information to enlighten the public on controversial matters concerning our culture, history, and heritage.

We are not a part of any governmental or non-governmental organizations and paid by no one.  In fact, we spend money from our pockets to achieve our goals.  If in future, some truth-seekers decide to help defray the expenses of our operation by unsolicited donations, we may gladly accept such, but we will not pass the hat around. 

All we hope and desire that the public will refer to this website each time Turks are demonized with disinformation, to explore “the other side of the story”.  We may not be the ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN of this world, but you can rest assured, that everything we do here comes right from the heart, not wallet.