Episode 6 – Khojaly Massacre: Premeditated Extermination of Azeri Civilians by the Armenian Armed Forces

On 26th February, 1992 Armenian armed groups attacked the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly and in one night torturously massacred more than 613 innocent civilian people, including women, children, and babies. More than 480 were wounded and 1200 people were taken hostage. Khojaly town was completely devastated. These were noncombatant, unarmed people who had nowhere to run. They were ruthlessly butchered where they were born and raised by blood-thirsty Armenian militia groups and some army personnel invading their town. Some call this unspeakable war crime the last genocide of the 20th Century. Armenian lobby is curiously silent on this unspeakable atrocity, war crime, and hate crime all rolled into one.

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