Episode 9 – The Sworn Statement of Ed Tashji: An Armenian True Friend of Turks

Ed Tashji, American-born son of Ottoman-Armenian and Ottoman-Syrian Orthodox parents, has devoted his whole adult life to defending Turkey and Turkish culture against unrelenting defamation campaigns launched by the anti-Turkish lobbies in the United States. His autobiograpy, “Armenian Allegations: The Truth Must Be Told”, ISBN 1-930574-35-5, highlights his most remarkable career. His mother told him: “My son, we had everything in Turkey. We owned our own homes, our farm lands, shops, and businesses. We were free in our schools, our churches, and our press. On religious holidays Christians and Muslims would exchange greetings, flowers, and baskets filled with all kinds of foods. After having so much, for so long, WHY should the Turks decide to destroy us? WE, my son, WE were responsible beyond any doubt, for the misfortune that befell our people! WE, the Armenians, were not loyal to our homeland, Turkey!“

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