Episode 10 – 24th of April – What it is and is not

From The New York Times to Wikipedia and from academicians to politicians, everyone claims that the 24th of April 1915 is the start of the alleged Armenian genocide. That day, the Turkish government arrested, tortured and executed several hundred Armenian intellectuals. Was it really like that? I will now quote an Armenian who was in that group of arrested Armenian leaders. He witnessed firsthand what transpired on April 24th, 1915 and how it ended. His letter was published in The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, on Saturday, October 17, 1959. His letter to the editor is titled “The Shock of Komitas.” I quote just one paragraph from it: “There never were any massacres of Armenians in Changiri while we were there for several months. (Komitas Vartabed) was returned to Ankara by… carriage and thence to Istanbul by train. I was in the same group. All these details are among my “Memoirs” published in English (the Mirror Spectator) and other Armenian papers.” So here it is, directly from the horse’s mouth: No beating, no stoning, no torture, no killings… Will the dishonest and racist Armenian lobby issue and apology now for lying to public for a century.

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