Episode 59 – Massive Armenian confessions 4: By Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Houshamatyan 5

Armenian confessions series started with Episode 50, where Boghos Nubar Pasha’s letters revealed that “…the Armenians have been, since the beginning of the war, ‘de facto belligerents’ as they have fought alongside the Allies on all fronts.”

Then in Episodes 51 and 52, another major Armenian confession was explored, that of the first prime minister of Armenia, in the book The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Has Nothing To Do Any More, The Manifesto of Hovannes Katchznouni. In this book, Katchaznouni described how the Armenians had created a dense atmosphere of illusion in their minds and lost their sense of reality. He confessed that the struggle (that) had begun decades ago against the Turkish government brought about the deportation of the Armenian people in Turkey.” Neither of the leaders attempted to lay the blame of the temporary resettlement, or TERESET, order of May 27, 1915, on the fallacy of systematic extermination by the Ottoman government.

Katchznouni’s 1923 conclusion was supported by Louise Nalbandian’s 1963 book The Armenian Revolutionary Movement, pages 67-89. The Zeitun Rebellion of 1862 was the beginning of massive uprisings. After establishing many secret societies, staging hundreds of bloody uprisings, and finally joining the invading enemy armies, Armenians sealed their own fate. Turks only reacted to defend their home. In Episode 54, the third massive confession was disclosed, the one by the Armenian author Kapriel Serope Papazian in his book “Patriotism Perverted.”

Hate crimes committed by the ARF on American soil, victimizing Armenians dissenters were described in detail. Papazian’s book, exposes the true nature of the Dashnaks as murderous ones who, by committing senseless violence against Muslims, deliberately exposed innocent Armenians to retaliatory massacres. In Episode 55, the most shocking of all Armenian confessions, the one by the ARF itself, in their book called Houshamatyan of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Centennial, Volume I, published in Glendale in 2006. In it, the ARF boasts how great fighters Armenians were, where they smuggled arms into the Ottoman Empire, how they ambushed and murdered Turks, and more.

A far cry from the “poor, starving Armenians” cliché, that the 1915 crowds and the Western media relentlessly promote, isn’t it? The book is dedicated to the Armenian youth with fighting words. Can this explain why Armenian terrorists in the past 50 years have been mostly impressionable young men? Dashnak historian Dasnabedian, the author of the book History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Dashnaksutiun (1890-1924), accepts ARF’s terrorism on page 47. And Nalbandian echoes this in her book Armenian Revolutionary Movement, on page 171: “ …(The ARF) program of 1892 officially sanctioned terrorism as a method of activity.” The American General Harbord, who was sent to the Caucasus by president Wilson, commented in his Report on Russian Armenia: “…It is probable, that the Dashnaktzoutune still employs terroristic methods.”

There you have it: Dashnak and non-Dashnak Armenian historians, and official American observers, they are all saying the same thing, that the ARF is a terrorist organization. On page 16, Vajhan Novasardian exalts ARF’s terrorism as freedom fighters. Former president Ronald Reagan in his 1986 Radio Address to the Nation provides a good answer to glorification of terrorists: “Freedom fighters do not need to terrorize a population into submission.” ARF not only threatened, tortured, and murdered Armenians who refused to support ARF, but also defenseless Muslim Ottomans, mostly Turks, to the tune of 518,000 dead and millions wounded. All of this went untold in the West because of age old anti-Turkism, islamophobia, and orientalism. In Episode 57, we reviewed the ARF’s dissemination of ideology, military preparations, members, first terrorist attack in 1890, first World Congress in 1892 in Tiflis, its objectives, ways and means, arms transporting groups, and violent raids on Turks between the years 1890 and 1896, including the raid on the Ottoman Bank. Garegin Pasdermadjian, who played a major role in the assault, then went to Tiflis to massacre Azerbaijanis in1905. He was elected to the Ottoman Parliament in 1909. He and his blood-thirsty gang killed thousands of Muslims, mostly Turks, during WWI. He then represented Armenia in Washington DC as an ambassador from 1919 to 1921. Isn’t this like Osama Bin Laden becoming an ambassador to Washington DC representing Saudi Arabia?

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