Episode 13 – President Biden & the G Word – Against the U.S. Constitution and the people

Recognizing the flawed Armenian narrative as genocide would be offensive to Turkey. Insulting Turkey would not contribute to improving U.S. – Turkey relations. A disappointed, dismayed and incensed Turkey may be compelled to reconsider the U.S.’s reliability as an ally and may move closer to Eurasian alliance, slowly disengaging from the U.S.’s insults, threats, sanctions, embargoes, and schemes, almost all of which are initiated by the dishonest, racist, and irritating Armenian and Greek lobbies. Turkey is a valued NATO-member with the second largest and battle-hardened army. Turkey has been a stalwart and reliable ally of the U.S. for more than 70 years. Turks fought bravely, shoulder-to-shoulder with Americans, in Korea against communist aggression, and were awarded the U.S. Congressional medal for their valor. Turks also fought alongside the U.S. soldiers against terrorism in Afghanistan, ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, sectarianism in Somalia, and other evil elsewhere. Turkey is strategic partner for the U.S. in the troubled Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Africa, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and beyond. Turkey sits on arguably the single most important geography in the world. Surrounded by three seas and strategic waterways and channels, Turkey is the most celebrated country where three continents meet; East and West hug each other; monotheists religions flourish; some 30 civilizations overlap; the earliest human settlements and innovations for millenniums take root; ancient silk routes, modern roads and waterways crisscross; today’s energy corridors find a hub; and more. The claim of genocide ignores the many armed Armenian rebellions, terrorism, treason, territorial demands, and the suffering of the Muslims, mostly Turks, at the hands of Armenian revolutionaries. What’s left is the flawed Armenian narrative with heavy doses of hearsay, forgeries, and embellishments injected into it. When one completely ignores half the story, every conflict in History, including the U.S. Civil War, may look like a genocide. I urge you, Mr. President, to put American interests before Armenian ones and refrain from using the G word on April 24th. Don’t divide and polarize us; unite and heal us. Don’t reward dishonest and racist claim of Armenian genocide; reward research, dialogue, and peace. I make this request in the exercise my First Amendment right to petition government for a redress of grievances.

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